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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dark Prince by Christine Feehan

Rating: 5/5
Alaine's Reading Blog

Christine Feehan where have you been all my life? This book was fantastic! It was so good, that I was listening to it on audio but I wanted to read it faster so I went and bought the paperback copy.

"I am a Carpathian male, long in the world of darkness. It is true that I feel very little, that my nature revels in the hunt, in the kill. To overcome the wild beast, we have to find our one half, our other half, the light to our darkness." The Carpathians are not vampires but if they don't find their life mate eventually the darkness over takes them and they must either commit themselves to the light (which kills them) or they will become Vampires. Carpathian's do not harm the innocent, Vampires feed on the blood of children and the innocent.

Whilst it took me a while to get my head around the Carpathians I loved them as a species. They are changelings and can change into any animal or bird, they are healers and use the earth and herbs to heal themselves (and blood of course). They feed on blood but don't ever hurt the human they feed from, they are supreme alpha males and yet they are useless without their mates and will die from the loss of her.

At the heart of this book is the most wonderful love story that just took my breath away! Here is a taste:
"I claim you as my life mate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my life mate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care."

I don't recommend that you run out and buy this book, I recommend that you run out and buy all 20 of them!!!!

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