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Monday, June 22, 2009

Bonds of the Maleri'

4.5 stars
Bonds of the Maleri'
Kate Steele

Changeling Press
283 pages (trade size paperback)
Paranormal Romance, Sci-fi
(originally released as 5 ebooks)

This is an anthology. One author, one "world", five stories. I won this book in a contest and it is fabulous. You learn the background in book one and there isn't a lot of backtracking between books. very enjoyable

The following is "clean" but ... the love interest pair in each book is male/male and the sex is a bit heavier than some of the "mainstream" romances out there. Actually, I've had romance books shock the heck out of me because I wasn't expecting it, this time expect it.

On the faraway planet of Belthola exists a group of extraordinary men. Born with empathic powers, they devote themselves to the service of their planet as mediators, diplomats, doctors, lawmen and scholars. Where help is needed by any planet or people, they generously provide it. But even those with powers have their weaknesses. For the Maleri', the use of their gift can eventually cause madness, even death. The one thing that can prevent such as ill fated end is the taking of a mate. One with whom they can join-mind, body and soul.

Book 1: Mate Hunt
Coltas Oldarie is a healer in need of a mate. He's blacking out and can no longer use his gift. Off to Earth, where many have found their Mates before, he too, finds his. Only there is an older brother protecting what Col wants most.

Book 2: Double or Nothing
spoiler The brother Eric comes with when Col and his mate head back to Belthola. Will he be mate to someone planetside? He's like a fish out of water and is kidnapped. Why?

Book 3: Between Love and Law
Head of planet security, Chase has a lonely job. With every promotion, he's let his job become his life, worried a slip may cause harm to one of his guys. What happens when his mate arrives in the employee of Delmon, a sleazeball mob-like kind of guy? His job? To steal the Blaze of Belthola!

Book 4: Ride 'Em Cowboy
Zeb is sent to Wyoming to learn all he can about cattle ranching only to find his mate. A mate who can not leave the ranch/Earth, while Zeb's job is back on Belthola. This isn't looking good for either of them.

Book 5: Redemption
Kicked out of the Brotherhood for taking sides, Jor wanders the Galaxy. He's unmated and the blackouts and pain are worsening. Dane trained at John Hopkins but is on a backwater planet trying to escape the memories of his first mate, Tel. Can true love cure all? Is Redemption possible?

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